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Gardener Profiles  - Catching up with the passionate people who just can't stay out of their gardens.

This is our clip gallery, featuring short excerpts from the work Pat Ratkowski has done for a wide range of clients.  Stories of fresh starts and new beginnings, of journeys and discoveries.  Exploring.  Learning.  Growing.

Clip Gallery

Service Dogs  - A window into the world of assistance dogs; how they're trained and how they change lives.

Everglades: River of Life  - A journey through the mangrove forests at the edge of Florida's natural gem.

Ecology Maryland: State of the Streams  - Keeping a close eye on the state's freshwater streams.

Four Leaders  -  Profiling the people who are at their best when things are at their worst.

Animal Planet's World Championship  - A not-very-scientific survey of the Mesozoic Era and the K-Pg boundary. 

Growing Legacy  - Exploring the importance of local farmers and open space in D.C.'s backyard. 

Stadium Secrets  - Getting a behind the teams look at the world of big sports with Eddyline Media.   

Growing Stories